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Tremaine is not your average convict doing time in prison. He volunteered to go in under cover in order to expose clues to the existence of The Reckoning - a highly secretive crime organization that is rumored to include celebrities, CEO's and politicians. 

But Tremaine has an advantage; not only can he count on over 130 years of his own personal experience, he has a few arcane powers closely related to ESP to help him survive. 

"Tremaine" is a non-stop thrill ride with a supernatural twist that will keep you turning pages.



Josh is a nine year old boy with an adventurous streak. After a chance encounter with a wily leprechaun, Josh is transported to a strange land inhabited by giants, wizards, and creatures of the undead variety. He quickly realizes Scariton is unlike the suburbs in every way imaginable and learns the only way he can make it back home is to confront King Titan, an evil overlord with mystical powers. Titan has taken over Scariton by force in the region’s biggest war in history. Luckily, Josh doesn’t have to face Titan alone. Uriah, the captain of the guards for Scariton’s former king, is assigned to help Josh with his quest under the condition that he must find Princess Miriam who has gone missing. Armed with a few enchanted items of his own, Josh and his new friends travel the darkest corners of Scariton in their mission to find the princess. It's non-stop action suitable for the whole family.

In Josh's second adventure, he travels to a parallel universe to warn the people of Copious about an impending invasion from a hostile race called the Assimilants. However, what started out as a mere voyage to alert the unsuspecting planet quickly turns into a journey wrought with perils. Confronted with scientists, pirates and strange alien life forms, Josh must determine who he can trust in order to save the people of Copious before their planet is conquered like so many others.



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